Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Another fresh packed pie from our dearest neighboring country Bangladesh"

This speaks for itself. More from Ramkamal Mukherjee, the king of bad film reviews.

Bangla Seller from Bangladesh

Ferdous Ahmed as "Suraj""Churiwala" (Bangla Seller) is another fresh packed pie from our dearest neighboring country Bangladesh. The film released only in the suburbs of Bengal.Khemka producers did not even bother to release the film for Kolkata People." This film is not for them" is the straight demarcation made by director Shah Alam. "Churiwala" is just another love story with foreign faces (if Bangladesh is admitted one in Indian locales.)

Suraj (Ferdous Ahmed a poor bangle seller sings melodious songs with his own flute to sell his products. The village bumpkin lives a happy go lucky life and pretends innocent with teen gals. Rupa (Madhumita) the pampered daughter of village feudal lord (Subhendu) falls in love with the Pied Piper of Bangladesh.

As Usual there is a status clash. Feudal lord screams the age-old dialogue- " Being my daughter how could you love a churiwala?" The occasional cry of Rupa, acts as a punctuation to all the ‘hard talk’ her father uttered about Suraj. (The director must have expected applauds from Urban Viewers, but the yawny faces expressed " what’s next")

Feudal lord cum daddy failed to resist the "Jawani Deewani" love affair of Rupa and Suraj. Aptly enters the "Gunda" character Rupa’s brother. He cleverly traps Suraj in a false murder case. Suraj is sentenced to death. (‘Kahani mein twist’)

While Suraj awaits death in condemned cell, his love Rupa knocks the door of reputed advocates. At last the director stored a Farishta advocate (Soumitra Chatterjee) for her. He takes up the ache to solve. The case is reopened and gradually the culprits are unmasked. Last Scene, close shot heroine rests on heros chest.- a typical "tomar bukey amar swarga" style.

Director Shah Alam (heard for the first time) did a very effortless job to give " churiwala" a standard look. Mainly the court scenes and sets are absolutely ridiculous. When will Indian Cinema show an actual court scene? Soumitra was very mechanical. Does the actor really need money so ‘badly’- if not, Then why ‘ churiwala’?

Handsome Ferdous gave normal performance but he needs to work a lot on his Bengali. New find Madhumita gives promising performance in her maiden appearance Her figure and facial expressions are good. Subhendu Chatterjee, Romen Roy Choudhury. Subhasis Mukherjee were all disappointing. Music had no impact.

‘Churiwala’ is a mediocre success in Urban and running successfully. But that doesn’t mean one must feel encouraged in making another "churiwala".
Ram Kamal Mukherjee


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