Sunday, May 14, 2006

Google trends

Google's stable of things that I can only call aids to procastination increases by the day. Just this afternoon, I have discovered Google Trends, and learnt the following:

The highest proportion of google searches for the word 'boobs' are from Pakistan. By city, however, the top three are: Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, followed by, of all places, Mineapolis. Go figure.

Maybe Indians are just slightly more 'refined' in their choice of search terminology, though. We top the rankings for 'breast'.

Astoundingly, the city topping the charts for 'cunt' is Milton Keynes though given their public art, I would have thought that udders were more down their street. The country which tops for cunt, amazingly enough, is Iran.

Yes, Iran.

Indonesia tops for penis. (India is number 2). Saudi Arabia tops for anal sex, as also for gay sex, though the most anal-sex-obsessed city is Ankara, Turkey. The prize for most anal-sex searches goes to Arabic...

Just plain ol' sex? Pakistan, followed by Egypt, followed by Vietnam (!!), followed by Iran. India at number 6.

I suspect that this is all actually more about the relative unsophistication of people using the internet from many of these countries: they're new to using it and therefore are still at the stage where their googling skills are relatively unevolved, so they type in generic terms. You know how the first time anyone discovered search engines, they probably typed in something stupid and generic like 'sex' to see what would come up. Words like sex and fuck are probably some of the first English words that non-English speakers learn. I imagine that it requires greater sophistication, both in terms of felicity with the language as well as internet savvy, to to google 'free porn passwords' than to google 'sex pics video' although the two sets of searchers are probably looking for much the same thing. In fact, the top sources for the former query are cities such as St. Louis, San Diego, Tampa, and Irvine, whereas Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai are the top sources of the latter.